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Richard H. Dickinson grew up in a military family, living in Portugal and Japan as a child before settling down in western Massachusetts. After graduating from Ludlow High School, he attended the United States Military Academy at West Point. Dick accepted a commission in the US Air Force and spent twelve years as a hurricane hunter and air traffic controller. His duties included flying into the eyes of 40 hurricanes throughout the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, flying into radioactive debris clouds from Chinese nuclear explosions, and tracking incoming Russian ICBMs over the North Pacific. His first novel, Hurricane Alley, reflects many of his military adventures. Writing was fun, but not lucrative, and so Dick drifted into the telecommunications industry, starting as the manager of the communications center for the University of Washington. Eventually, he became a consultant to cellular telephone companies, working in Bogota Columbia to build that nations first cellular network. After settling down in Seattle with his wife, Amy, Dick moved into the wireless E911 industry, becoming an expert in technical issues related to the unique challenges of delivering E911 calls from wireless and VoIP telephones to the correct E911 answering points around the country. Throughout his telecommunications career, Dick maintained his avocation as a novelist, publishing The Silent Men, followed by Acts of Honor, and Love Noir. He is now at work on his next book, a thriller about the oil industry in post-war Iraq.

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