Beautiful Women

Most of my male characters are ordinary guys who find themselves in extraordinary situations. Most of my female characters, however, are extraordinary women in terms of beauty, brains, and chutzpah. As an author, I get to play God, so why not indulge my fantasies?   I have always suspected, however, that there is a downside to being beautiful and both heroines in my two love stories (Hurricane Alley and Love Noir) pay a price for their loveliness. I think it would be fascinating to have a heart to heart talk with a beautiful woman about what it is like to be beautiful. Most women who fit that category go to great and disingenuous lengths to deny the obvious. I cannot imagine how any beautiful woman could be oblivious to her impact upon other people, especially in todayís beauty-obsessed world. Beauty grants women access to people and events that mere mortals would never have; does this result in the stunting of her social skills because she never needs to develop them, or does it enhance her social skills by placing her among the best and brightest people in society? Do such women develop a hard shell to protect them from the admiring glances of men and of other women? What goes through a womanís mind when she steps into a restaurant and everyone stops talking while they watch her take her seat? Are beautiful woman lonely? Do they attract only the obnoxiously cocky men with the nerve to approach them, while Mr. Right is too intimidated to say hello? Or if Mr. Right does get up the courage  to say something, is he so befuddled that he makes an idiot of himself? I used to be that guy, but now that I am old and married and harmless, I find that talking to pretty girls is so much easier than it used to be. Still, Iíd love to talk to some beauty with the self confidence to say, ďOK, Iím beautiful. Itís pointless to deny it. Let me tell you what itís like.Ē