Books by Richard H. Dickinson
The Black Death (Coming Soon)

Myxoviridae Ater, The Black Death, is a disease that attacks only the Homo Sapiens of African descent, ransacking black neighborhoods and sweeping entire continents of all black inhabitants. Clayton Jellicoe, a charismatic black minister, incites unrest across the land with his volatile sermons in which he echoes the common belief that The Black Death is a test tube disease created by the government to eliminate the race problem in American for once and for all. During riots in Seattle, Jellicoe is taken into custody and isolated in a dystopian research facility run by Dr. Joyce Wolvert where the disease has been cured. But the cure is more dangerous than the Black Death itself,  and Wolvert knows she must soon choose whether to kill herself and her infected patients, or to escape and threaten the world.

Love Noir (Available NOW!)

Margaux Duval is a Parisienne with secrets. Beautiful but volatile, promiscuous but lonely, she is her psychiatristís most challenging patient-a sociopath desperate for love.

Cooper Dane is an American businessman in Paris, bored with his job as a computer executive and trapped in a stifling relationship with a perfect woman back home.

Would you die for love? In the case of  Love Noir, perhaps a more likely question is: Would you kill for love? Paris teenager Margaux, who has suffered her mother's abandonment, turns to her politically powerful father, Eric Duval, for comfort and reassurance. A victim of his own weaknesses, the narcissistic Eric becomes his daughter's lover, entangling the child in a labyrinth of emotions the angry child is incapable of handling. When her father submits to social pressures and remarries, Margaux's emotions turn from rage to murder. This is a novel about cover-ups and deceit, about amorality and love; a novel that explores the maturing of an unbalanced adolescent into a manipulative and psychotic woman who drags well-meaning people into her dark and secretive world. For anyone who loves an intricate plot, fascinating characters, and a good read, this is the book for you.

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Acts of Honor-Front Cover

Acts of Honor

For Morgan Buckner, guard duty at Abu Ghraib prison turns deadly during the fall of 2003 when his only friend is murdered during a prison riot. The young soldier exacts his revenge in a manner that elicits valuable information from the murderous prisoner but violates the Geneva Conventions. When the information pays dividends that save American lives, General Robert Tannerbeck must decide whether to put the welfare of his men ahead of international law and his own personal honor. 

But when U.S. Marines capture an American journalist embedded with Sunni terrorists, the resulting chain of events leads to corruption at the highest levels of the military, within Congress, and at the US Military Academy at West Point. Throughout it all, General Tannerbeck fights a losing battle to retain his honor, while Buckner comes to embrace the concepts of Duty, Honor and Country....(READ MORE)

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Hurricane Alley, By Richard H. Dickinson
Publisher: Berkley, 1990

Hurricane Alley

John Ludlow, an Air Force Hurricane Hunter in Biloxi MS, falls in love with a classy hooker from New Orleans....(READ MORE)


Silent Men
Publisher: Rugged Land, 2002

The Silent Men

An American sniper, Jackson Monroe, is sent on an illegal mission in Cambodia to assassinate a North Vietnamese general. As he is about the pull the trigger.... (READ MORE)